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Wholesale Distributor of:

Tinn-Per Norwegian Pewter
Harvesttime Sweden
Juniper Wood Products from
       Estonia & Finland

Nyakers Pepparkakor
Pluto Produkter

Introducing NEW

Carletti Danish Chocolate
Logum Kloster Lys of Denmark
Practic Polish Kitchen Utensils

Exclusive U.S. Distributor of:

Aarikka of Finland
Arctic Collection Lapland Bracelets
Bianco Blu Finnish Glass
Danish Iron
Det Gamle Danish Christmas
En Gry & Sif
Finkbeiner of Germany
Helmi Finnish Jewelry
JBL Amber
Kattinatt Swedish Wash Towels
Lappituote Finnish Home

Marttiini Finnish Knives
Medusa of Copenhagen

Talla Exclusives:

       Antler Sticks

Providing Unique European Specialties to U.S. Retailers * Wholesale Showroom: 30301 Bren Road West #445 Minnetonka, MN 55343 * 952.933-7755